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News Reports, 13 October 2020.

Universities newly added.

12 October 2020: University of Chichester reported 2 cases on 8 October 2020, according to the statistics gathered by UCU.

13 October 2020: Leeds Trinity: UCU report 21 cases at Leeds Trinity University.

13 October 2020: Trinity Laban: UCU report 3 cases at Trinity Laban Conservatoire

News Reports.

13 October 2020: University of East Anglia: Currently 64 students and 1 staff member testing positive. Source: Internal communication

13 October 2020: University of Hertfordshire: 7 new student cases reported for 13 October. Total cases now 23. Source: Internal communication.

12 October 2020: University of Hertfordshire: 4 new student cases reported for 12 October. Total cases now 16. Source: Internal communication.

13 October 2020: Royal Holloway: 23 students confirmed. Source: internal communication.

University Released Numbers.

13 October 2020: Aberystwyth release figures: from 4 September 2020 to 12 October 2020 they have recorded 31 cases amongst students.

12 October 2020: Aston University start to release stats: In the week 5 October to 11 October, 2 staff and 48 students have tested positive.

13 October 2020: University of Bath reports 20 new cases, giving an overall total of 174.

12 October 2020: Bath Spa release figures, showing a total of 11 confirmed cases.

13 October 2020: Birmingham City University latest figures: 214 students and 3 staff.

12 October 2020: Cardiff University, between 5 and 12 October, have 156 students and 1 staff test positive.

8 October 2020: Durham stats for 1 to 7 October: 3 staff and 219 students tested positive. Overall 5 staff and 251 students. Chronicle.

13 October 2020: University of Kent publish (confusing) numbers: 14 students and 1 staff member tested positive for covid.

13 October 2020: LSE launch their tracker: currently 30 students and 1 staff member with covid.

13 October 2020: Loughborough University reports 191 live cases, and 24 recovered.

13 October 2020: Reading University rennovate their dashboard: they currently have 37 cases in total.

12 October 2020: University of Sheffield’s latest numbers: 960 students and 12 staff testing positive, 28 September to 12 October.

12 October 2020: Sheffield Hallam release their latest numbers. For the week 5 October to 11 October, there were 422 students and 13 staff testing positive, for a total of 749 students and  15 staff positive in the last two weeks.

12 October 2020: UCL reports 89 students and 9 staff testing positive.

12 October 2020: University of York: “As of 4.40pm, Monday 12 October, we are aware of 220 individuals within our University community who are currently self-isolating because they have had a positive COVID-19 test. Since our previous update at 1.20pm on Friday 9 October we have been notified of 100 new cases, which are included in the total figure above.”

Current tally:

112 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
90 in England.
1 in Northern Ireland.
14 in Scotland.
7 in Wales.

As at 11pm 12 October 2020, our data puts the number of confirmed cases for students at 12833, for staff 175, in total 13008.

As at 5pm 13 October 2020, the UCU dashboard reported 14,973 confirmed covid cases at  111 U.K. universities.

Confidential Reports, 23 September 2020.

So far I have received reports, made confidentially, of covid-19 outbreaks at five universities:

Birmingham: at least one positive test.

Exeter: confirmed on Streatham Campus, awaiting results of tests on Penryn campus. This has now been reported via Devon Live and ITV.

Newcastle University: 22 students and 8 staff have tested positive. Confirmed through recording of University meeting.

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh: One student tested positive in the halls of residence. Now confirmed by Edinburgh live.

Queen Mary University, London. Multiple cases.

University of Kent, Canterbury. Two confirmed cases. Now confirmed by Kent Online.

Additionally, I have been informed that the outbreak at Manchester Metropolitan is worse than reported, or declared by the university, and that cleaning practices at Sunderland University are not as described by the Vice Chancellor.

Many thanks to those who have contacted us.

Updated 24 September 2020: We regret we cannot take any more private tips. We do not have the resources to follow them up, and we cannot afford to make mistakes on such a serious matter. See this post ‘Mea Culpa’ for a longer explanation.

if you know of an unreported outbreak, or are concerned about working conditions, in your university, contact your union!

News Reports, 24 September 2020.

23 September 2020: Confirmation of a private report yesterday, “Two confirmed Covid-19 cases at University of Kent campus in Canterbury.” Kent Online.

24 September 2020: Another confirmation of a private report yesterday, one positive case of covid confirmed, and “a number of students at the halls of residence at Queen Margaret University are self-isolating.” Edinburgh News.

23 September 2020: “Two more individuals have tested positive for Covid-19 at an Abertay University hall of residence.” Evening Telegraph.

23 September 2020: “Major Covid outbreak at Glasgow University sees 600 self-isolate. University says number of cases likely to be higher than 124 identified so far.” Guardian.

24 September 2020: Leeds Uni confirms six positive coronavirus cases. The Tab.

24 September 2020: Durham email states “We have a small number of individual Covid-19 cases within our student community”, from Twitter.

24 September 2020: A single confirmed case at the University of Hull. Internal email.

Round up from the Guardian says 20 universities now have cases, though there seems to be 19 on their map. Checked against the tally here, they are missing Durham.

Some housekeeping: I erroneously filed a report on Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, under University of Aberdeen. Now corrected.

Current tally:

21 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
12 in England.
8 in Scotland.
1 in Wales.