University of Westminster

6 October 2020: University of Westminster: “we have recorded a small number of positive cases of COVID-19. These have been reported in our Harrow Campus residences (7 cases) and at Raffles House in Wembley – managed by accommodation provider, iQ – 16 positive cases.” Source: Internal communication.

8 October 2020: University of Westminster: “As you will note, we have a small number of students who have tested positive for COVID-19. As of today these are (7 positive cases) in our Harrow Halls and inĀ Raffles House in Wembley (16 positive cases). We have 76 students who are currently self-isolating and they are being supported by our dedicated Quarantine Support Service. We are also aware of two colleagues and one non-resident student who have also tested positive for COVID-19, all on Harrow Campus.” Source: Internal communication.