Leeds University

24 September 2020: Leeds Uni confirms six positive coronavirus cases. The Tab.

24 September 2020: Further reporting on the six cases at Leeds University. “The positive cases are among both students and staff – however they are not connected to each other, the University said in a statement.” Yorkshire Evening Post.

24 September 2020: There has been an outbreak of cases in a “Leeds student suburb.” Yorkshire Evening Post.

25 September 2020: The Leeds Tab reports “At least five flats across two halls of residence at Leeds Uni are now self-isolating, either because residents have contracted coronavirus, or because they are awaiting test results.” The Tab.

1 October 2020: Leeds University: Numerous students complain on a Labour leader Q&A about poor conditions in housing and no reporting of covid cases by Leeds University. Twitter thread.

1 October 2020: Leeds University: “Self-isolating Leeds students left without food and told to wash clothes in the sink.” Daily Mirror.

5 October 2020: University of Leeds: Leeds education boss calls for Boris Johnson to let university students study from home “We need the Government to realise what effect this failure is having on the mental health of students everywhere.” Leeds Live.

7 October 2020: Leeds start their covid tracker. Confirmed coronavirus cases for the seven days from Monday 28 September: 558. Leeds.

14 October 2020: Leeds University: “Nonetheless, as of Sunday 11th October, there were still 525 active cases at the Uni.” The Tab.

14 October 2020: University of Leeds: “Last week, the university announced that 558 positive tests were returned within the first seven days of term, as a major outbreak spread quickly among students returning the to city. However, it was later revealed that a further 82 people also tested positive between Monday, September 28 and Sunday, October 4. It has now been revealed that a further 269 staff, students and contractors at the University of Leeds caught Covid-19 in the seven days to October 11, taking the total since the start of term to 909.” Leeds Live.