Swansea University

22 September 2020: “12 individuals who have been confirmed by Public Health Wales (PHW) to have tested positive for coronavirus, are students at the University.” Swansea University.

28 September 2020: “Twenty-two students at Swansea University have now been confirmed to have tested positive for coronavirus – almost double the number confirmed last week. The university, which has two campuses in the city, confirmed on Monday that it had been informed of an additional ten cases among its students, following last week’s confirmation that 12 students had tested positive for the virus.” Wales Online.

29 September 2020: “Swansea University said 32 students had tested positive for Covid-19.” BBC.

17 October 2020: Swansea University: “The number of coronavirus cases at Swansea University has risen to 136 and 451 students are currently in self-isolation. It is a four-fold increase on the number reported at the end of September. At that time, all 32 positive coronavirus cases at the university were linked to a single house party, attended by one infected person. There are are 73 current coronavirus cases at the university.” Wales Online.

22 October 2020: Swansea University: “From the start of term to October 21 a total of 36 cases of Covid-19 in students have been recorded by the university, a spokesman said. In the seven days to October 21 two cases of Covid-19 in students were recorded by the University. Affected student households have been asked to self-isolate.” Wales Online.