This website has been set up to collate reports of covid outbreaks in universities in the United Kingdom, for the academic year 2020-21.

As such it also covers campus lockdowns and the policing of student accomodation.

At a time when infections are already rising exponentially, it is inevitable that gathering students together and conducting face to face teaching in universities is going to further spread Covid. But there didn’t seem to be anyone gathering the data. It’s necessary to do this publicly, to inform, allow scrutiny of the figures, and to keep the universities honest in their own reporting of cases.

We are also concerned that it will be students who are blamed for outbreaks, and isolated in their accomodation, away from home and family, when both the government and the university leadership have been pushing a ‘business as usual’ policy.

The structure is as follows:

News Reports: Tracking reports of cases of covid on U.K. university campuses. Organized by date.

Commentary: Articles etc. analysing the situation of covid and universities. Standard disclaimer: linking to them does not mean approval of them. But they will all be of value some way or another.

By University: One page per university, listing the news reports and any other important information and occurances.

This site went live – in a hurry – on Monday 21st September, 2020.

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  1. Sean Coughlan

    hello – would be good to credit your work on this. Do you have a couple of lines about yourselves and why you’re doing this?
    Sean Coughlan
    BBC News, education correspondent


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