Bournemouth University

30 September 2020: Bournemouth University: “You may have seen the news coverage over the last few days of outbreaks of Covid-19 at other universities across the UK. To avoid BU experiencing a similar situation and moving from a small number of positive cases in our university community to significant numbers we all need to play our part.” University statement.

1 October 2020: “Bournemouth University has confirmed a “small number” of its students have coronavirus.” Bournemouth Echo.

7 October 2020: Bournemouth University: 70 students and 4 staff confirmed with Covid. Source Bournemouth UCU.

15 October 2020: Bournemouth University: “Public Health Dorset said: “We are continuing to see a number of positive cases amongst university students in the Bournemouth area, as is to be expected. At the moment these cases are dispersed across the student population and different residences. Currently the number of cases amongst students in Bournemouth continues to be relatively low compared to elsewhere in the UK but we are working with universities, BCP Council and Public Health England South West to monitor the situation and respond accordingly.” Bridport News.

17 October 2020: Bournemouth University: A lecturer at Bournemouth University, who wants to be anonymous, is angry that the university has not made its Covid numbers public. “Every single student hall at Bournemouth has cases, from a single isolation, to a whole corridor. There are more than 100 cases but the management thinks this should be kept confidential.” The Guardian.

20 October 2020: Bournemouth University begin to release numbers. They state that there have been 72 new cases in the last seven days, and 256 cases in total since 1 August 2020.

21 October 2020: Bournemouth University: “The university confirmed it had 72 staff and student cases recorded in the seven days up to Friday, October 16.” Bournemouth Echo.

23 October 2020: : Bournemouth University state: “The number of new positive cases at the university in the last seven days stands at 38.”

30 October 2020: Bournemouth University: “We are continuing to see a small number of new cases at the university. The number of new positive cases at the university in the last seven days stands at 47 across the whole BU population of 1,723 staff and 16,606 students.” By our count, the cumulative total is 341 cases.