6 October 2020: UCL: “Just over a week after the start of the academic year, there have been Covid-19 cases confirmed in three separate UCL accommodations: John Adams, St Pancras Way and Langton Close.” The Tab.

6 October 2020: UCL: “Over the weekend, staff at John Adams, St. Pancras Way, Langton Close and Connaught halls of residence have reported cases of Covid-19 among students. Although University College London (UCL) has not confirmed the figure or the alleged locations of the outbreaks, an official spokesperson said that “a very small number of students have reported that they have tested positive for Covid-19 in unconnected cases in UCL managed halls”. UCL Pi.

12 October 2020: UCL reports 89 students and 9 staff testing positive.

15 October 2020: UCL: Total cases since 28 Sept 2020: 190 students, 13 staff.