Kingston University

5 October 2020: Kingston University state “a small number (less than 10) of positive cases of Covid-19 have been reported amongst our staff and students over the past week.” Source: internal communication.

15 October 2020: Kingston University: 22 confirmed positive cases. Source: Internal communication. UCU reported 18 on 11 October.

22 October 2020: Kingston University: “Staff at Kingston University (KU) have criticised the university’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, saying that current instructions for some staff members put teachers and students at risk.” University states “Up-to-date statistical information about any live Covid-19 cases for staff and students will soon be made available on the University’s website as part of our commitment to keeping our community informed around our response to the pandemic.” Surrey Comet.

27 October 2020: Kingston University launch a dashboard, without older data, and with the average per 100,000 cases (more than five times its own population). 12 cases in the week up to 23 October. Our running total: 34 cases.

2 November 2020: Kingston University: “Number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 reported to the University in the week up to Friday 30 October: 16.” Our running total: 50 cases.