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News reports, 16 October 2020.

News Reports.

15 October 2020: Bournemouth University: “Public Health Dorset said: “We are continuing to see a number of positive cases amongst university students in the Bournemouth area, as is to be expected. At the moment these cases are dispersed across the student population and different residences. Currently the number of cases amongst students in Bournemouth continues to be relatively low compared to elsewhere in the UK but we are working with universities, BCP Council and Public Health England South West to monitor the situation and respond accordingly.” Bridport News.

16 October 2020: Chester University: ” The University of Chester has released a further statement after concerns were raised regarding the number of positive cases there reaching ‘double figures’. In the first statement, released on Thursday, October 15, the institution confirmed the number of positive cases for coronavirus had reach ‘double figures’. Pro Vice Chancellor, Debora Green, had suggested half of these cases came from permanent residents, rather than those residing at a ‘term-time address’.” Chester Live.

13 October 2020: Coventry University: They “have confirmed that 36 students had Covid-19 for the week ending on October 6. Of these, 21 had been on campus and 15 off campus.” Additionally, “one member of staff confirmed to have Covid-19.” Coventry Live.

16 October 2020: University of East Anglia: 7 new student cases over the last 24 hours. In total,  86 students and 1 staff member have tested positive for covid. Source: Internal communication

14 October 2020: Oxford Brookes: “In the week leading up to October 9 (last Friday), there were 96 positive results. Only one of them was a member of staff and the other 95 were students.” Oxford Mail. By our reckoning, this give a total of 281 students and 3 staff tested positive since September 7.

14 October 2020: Royal Holloway release numbers: “As of Tuesday 13 October, there are 23 students and no members of staff who are currently self-isolating after testing positive for coronavirus.” An eyewitness reports that Wedderburn Halls are locked down.

13 October 2020: Warwick University: “As of yesterday (Monday, October 12), 215 students at Warwick had tested positive, with 186 of those on campus and 29 off campus.” Additionally, “one member of staff confirmed to have Covid-19.” Coventry Live.

University Trackers

15 October 2020: Essex University launch a dashboard: As of 14 October they have 7 current positive cases.

15 October 2020: De Montfort University, Leicester, start a tracker. They have 178 student and 13 staff cases in total.

Current totals:

114 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
92 in England.
1 in Northern Ireland.
14 in Scotland.
7 in Wales.

As at 11am 16 October 2020, our data puts the number of confirmed cases for students at 19,521, for staff 291, in total 19,812.

As at 11am 16 October 2020, the UCU dashboard reported 20,084 confirmed covid cases at  U.K. universities.

News Reports, 7 October 2020.

Universities newly added.

7 October 2020: “The University of Bradford has reported 26 confirmed cases of coronavirus among students and members of staff. As of October 6, the University said 23 students and three members of staff have tested positive.” Telegraph & Argus.

6 October 2020: Cardiff University: More than 100 Cardiff University students are self-isolating after 19 tested positive for coronavirus. A Cardiff University spokesman warned the number of positive cases is “likely to be higher”. The university said: “We currently have 132 students who are self-isolating, amongst a total student population of some 30,000.” Wales Online.

6 October 2020: Cardiff: Complaints of heavy handed, door-to-door, policing in the Cathays area of Cardiff, where many students live. The Tab.

7 October 2020: Cardiff University start publishing details of covid cases, but  only new cases from 6 October. So far, for 6 & & October, there have been 14 new student cases, and one staff.

Other News Reports.

6 October 2020: Aberystwyth University: ” CEREDIGION’S spike in Covid-19 cases is linked to the student population and “has not spread into the community.” County council leader Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn said on Tuesday (October 6) that there had been 130 cases throughout the pandemic in Ceredigion with more test results awaited in the Aberystwyth area “as a result of the students that have been enjoying themselves on the beach.” Tivy Side Advertiser. BBC.

6 October 2020: “University of Bath confirms at least 31 students with Covid.” Somerset Live.

6 October 2020: University of Bath release numbers of cases for the last 7 days: Currently 48. Note that this is for seven days, it is not a cumulative total, and the Bath tracker seemingly removes older data.

7 October 2020: Birmingham City University: “Birmingham City University said that 130 students and staff members have tested positive for the virus between September 14 and October 5.” Birmingham Live.

7 October 2020: University of Birmingham start publishing statistics. From 30 September to 6 October, there have been 307 students and 8 staff members testing positive for Covid. Birmingham.

6 October 2020: “University of Brighton confirms first coronavirus cases. The university confirmed that 18 students had tested positive for Covid-19.” The Argus.

7 October 2020: University of Bristol start releasing numbers. As of 7 October, there 119 students and 2 staff confirmed with covid. [Note: corrected from erroneous 199.]

7 October 2020: Brunel University start releasing statistics. As of 6 October, there were 13 student and 3 staff cases.

7 October 2020: Cambridge: “11 University of Cambridge students infected with Covid-19.” Cambridge News.

6 October 2020: De Montfort University, Leicester: “The university has released a statement saying nine members of staff and 11 students have now tested positive for Covid-19.” Leicestershire Live.

6 October 2020: University of East Anglia: “University of East Anglia is slammed for ‘exploiting’ students forced to self-isolate by charging them £252 for a two-week food package – which includes only ONE hot meal a day.” Daily Mail. Note: This confirms that UEA have students self-isolating, although the last figures were of just 2 students testing positive, from 29 September.

6 October 2020: University of East Anglia: “As of 9am this morning, there were 35 people confirmed with the virus (nine people off campus and 26 people on campus.” Source: internal communication.

7 October 2020: University of Edinburgh release their latest figures: “We have a total of 321 live cases reported to us as of today amongst our students and staff.”

7 October 2020: Exeter University: “The Tab Exeter asked students in a poll on Instagram if they had tested positive for Covid-19, in which 12% voted for “Yes” with over 300 votes, whilst the other 88% which accounted for 2,296 students voted for “No.”” The Tab.

7 October 2020: University of Hertfordshire report two new ‘on-campus’ student cases. Source: internal communication.

7 October 2020: University of Hull: “Over the last reporting period (Monday 28 September to Sunday 4 October), we have had 5 isolated cases amongst our Hull based student community, bringing the total since mid-September, when students started their return to campus, to 7.” Source: Internal communication.

7 October 2020: Leeds start their covid tracker. Confirmed coronavirus cases for the seven days from Monday 28 September: 558. Leeds.

5 October 2020: Loughborough University start releasing counts of cases every Tuesday and Friday. As of 5 October, they had 26 cases.

7 October 2020: Manchester Metropolitan: “More than 500 staff and students at Manchester Metropolitan University have tested positive for Covid-19 – there could be even more The latest figures do not include the results of a mass testing pilot launched at two MMU halls of residence last week.” Manchester Evening News.

7 October 2020: Newcastle University state “We reported to you last week that in the previous seven days we had 94 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 among students. This has risen significantly since then.” No further figures given. Source: internal communication.

7 October 2020: Newcastle University move most classes online.

6 October 2020: Northumbria University: “Union demands Northumbria University boss’ resignation after 770 coronavirus cases.” Chronicle.

6 October 2020: Northumbria University announce that they will start to release numbers of covid cases every Thursday. Northumbria U.

6 October 2020: Royal Holloway release their latest figures: positive tests for 1 staff member and 15 students.

6 October 2020: Sheffield University: “Over 100 Sheffield University students test positive for coronavirus in a DAY as cases pass 500.” The Star.

6 October 2020: Sheffield University suspend face to face teaching. “The university has now recorded 589 cases in total since 28 September, comprising 583 students and six staff.” BBC.

6 October 2020: “The neighbouring Sheffield Hallam University said it had recorded 373 cases in the last two weeks. It is also taking action over the next two weeks by increasing online teaching, but is keeping some teaching going on the campus.” BBC.

6 October 2020: St Marys, Twickenham. ” A London uni only told students about campus Covid cases a day after it told staff. Students had to wait a full working day to find out the news.” The Tab.

7 October 2020: University of Strathclyde: “83 cases at Strathclyde. Don’t know if that is just official Halls, or whether that includes students in private rentals and private halls.” Strathclyde UCU on twitter.

7 October 2020: “111 coronavirus cases at University of Sunderland with outbreaks mainly clustered around student accommodation A further 17 students or staff at the University of Sunderland have tested positive for coronavirus.” Sunderland Echo.

6 October 2020: UCL: “Over the weekend, staff at John Adams, St. Pancras Way, Langton Close and Connaught halls of residence have reported cases of Covid-19 among students. Although University College London (UCL) has not confirmed the figure or the alleged locations of the outbreaks, an official spokesperson said that “a very small number of students have reported that they have tested positive for Covid-19 in unconnected cases in UCL managed halls”. UCL Pi.

6 October 2020: Two students test positive for Covid-19 at Winchester University. Hampshire Chronicle.

6 October 2020: University of York: “As of 4.10pm, Tuesday 6 October, we are aware of 113 individuals within our University community who are currently self-isolating because they have had a positive COVID-19 test. Since our previous update at 4.30pm on Monday 5 October we have been notified of 39 new cases, which are included in the total figure above.” U York.

Current tally:

92 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
71 in England.
1 in Northern Ireland.
13 in Scotland.
7 in Wales.

News Reports, 3 October 2020.

2 October 2020: “The University of Bristol has confirmed multiple coronavirus cases among its student population. It said “a very small number of students” have tested positive for covid-19, but did not release an exact number. A spokesperson said: “A very small number of students have tested positive for COVID-19, including one in a hall of residence where eight contacts are self-isolating.” Bristol Post. The Tab.

1 October 2020: Lancaster University start releasing statistics for covid cases. “In the period from 26th September to 1st October, the University received the following number of reports of new cases among students and staff: Staff: 0. Students (living in Lancaster University accommodation): 1. Students (living in other accommodation in the Lancaster area): 13.” Lancaster University.

3 October 2020: Cambridge: “Two students at Queens’ have tested positive for Covid-19. One of the students who tested positive for the virus is living on main-site Queens’ accommodation. The discovery of the positive cases last Saturday (26/09) has prompted Queens’ to instigate their Test and Trace system developed over the summer. As a result of this 25 individuals were told to isolate, with 15 of these individuals now no longer isolating after negative test results – some of which were returned within 24 hours.” Varsity.

2 October 2020: University of Hertfordshire state that they have had 4 confirmed student covid cases ‘off-campus.’ Source: Internal communication.

3 October 2020: The University of Brighton start releasing weekly statistics. “Current reported positive cases of COVID-19 at the University of Brighton, including Brighton and Sussex Medical School students for the last seven days (as of 2 October 2020): 5 students.” University of Brighton. Archived.

3 October 2020: “THE University of Southampton has confirmed four students have tested positive for Covid-19.” Southern Daily Echo.

3 October 2020: Keele release latest figures: 3 new student cases, bringing the total to 7. Keele.

2 October 2020: “A number of students at the University of Nottingham’s Derby Hall, a catered block housing about 330 students, are in isolation because of Covid-19.They claim conditions are so bad some are being collected by their parents and leaving.” BBC.

2 October 2020: “Since Monday the University has seen a total of 11 reported cases among our students and one member of staff. None of these are clusters.” Source: Internal communication.

2 October 2020: Sussex: “One whole Northfield [accomodation] block is self isolating after a positive Covid test.” The Tab.

3 October 2020: University of Edinburgh states “We have a total of 222 live cases reported to us as of today amongst our students and staff.” University of Edinburgh. Archived.

2 October 2020: “Fourteen Stirling University students test positive for Covid-19 in outbreak linked to sports clubs.” Daily Herald. “Additionally, 2000 people who use Pure Gym in Stirling are being contact from Test and Protect teams as “precautionary measures”.Brig Newspaper.

Current tally:

76 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
56 in England.
1 in Northern Ireland.
13 in Scotland.
6 in Wales.

News Reports, 26 September 2020.

26 September 2020: Sky News reports that “At least 32 universities in the UK now have confirmed coronavirus cases, and another one has suspected cases” with the number of cases of coronavirus totaling over 510.

England: Aston, Bath, Coventry, De Montfort, Durham, Exeter, Hull, Kent, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester Met, Oxford Brookes, Portsmouth, Salford, Staffordshire, Sunderland, UWE, Warwick, York St John.

Scotland: Aberdeen, Abertay, Dundee (no confirmed cases), Edinburgh Napier, Glasgow Caledonian, Herriot-Watt (suspected cases, not confirmed), Queen Margaret, Robert Gordon, St Andrews, Stirling, University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh.

Wales: Swansea, University of South Wales.

According to my tally, Sky are lacking the universities of Leicester, Newcastle, and Northumbria; plus Plymouth and Aberystwyth, only confirmed today. It also seems that two of these universities don’t have confirmed cases.

25 September 2020: Cases at both University of Leicester (2) and De Montfort (4 staff). Leicester Mercury.

25 September 2020: A joint statement from the two universities states “As of Friday 25 September, we can confirm that we aware of 62 Newcastle University and Northumbria University students who have tested positive for Covid-19.” Chronicle Live.

25 September 2020: 127 positive cases amongst students, 1,700 students self-isolating, at Manchester Met. Manchester Evening News.

26 September 2020: “Glasgow University is to refund one month’s rent to students in halls of residence as compensation after hundreds were forced to self-isolate following an outbreak of coronavirus.” Guardian.

26 September 2020: Glasgow Caledonian: “Two students have tested positive for covid, with a further two showing symptoms and a total of 18 students from three flats currently self-isolating.” Glasgow Live.

26 September 2020: Plymouth: “A massive student accommodation block in central Plymouth has confirmed that three residents have tested positive for coronavirus.” Plymouth Live.

26 September 2020: “Two people with ‘connections’ to Aberystwyth University test positive for Covid-19.” The Cambrian.

Current tally:

36 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
23 in England.
10 in Scotland.
3 in Wales.