Warwick University

19 Sept 2020: A student living in the Rootes accomodation block tested positive; 14 other people on the same floor now isolating. This follows a single case from the previous week. The Boar.

1 October 2020: Warwick: “The University of Warwick is only providing case numbers to Public Health England and not to students or staff, leading to difficulty in knowing the number of cases on campus.” This despite there being high numbers of cases in the locality: “The most recent data available at time of writing is that there have been 30 cases reported in the Cannon Park & University area between 20-26 of September.” The Boar.

5 October 2020: University of Warwick announce “26 [people] have tested positive for Covid-19. Warwick.

12 October 2020: University of Warwick‘s cumulative data to some time on Monday 12 October: 216 active cases. Archived.

13 October 2020: Warwick University: “As of yesterday (Monday, October 12), 215 students at Warwick had tested positive, with 186 of those on campus and 29 off campus.” Additionally, “one member of staff confirmed to have Covid-19.” Coventry Live.

19 October 2020: Warwick University: “The University of Warwick has confirmed that there are 181 active cases of Covid-19 among staff and students, as of 19 October. Of these 181 cases, 103 are on campus and 78 are off campus. 3 staff are confirmed to have tested positive for Covid-19.” The Boar.

19 October 2020: Warwick University start releasing figures: As of 19 October 2020, there were 178 student and 3 staff “active” cases. “An active case is where an individual has tested positive for Covid-19 and is in the 10-day isolation period.”

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