News Reports, 27 October 2020.

News Reports.

26 October 2020: Heriot-Watt: As of 26 October 2020, there are 9 students and under 5 staff testing positive. Source: Internal communication.

27 October 2020: University of Lincoln: “Some 176 students and staff at the University of Lincoln have tested positive for coronavirus. The data released on Tuesday, October 27 is more than double last week’s figure of 85, although the newest number is less than 1% of the University’s population.” The Lincolnite.

22 October 2020: Newcastle University: From 15 October to 21 October, 237 students and 5 staff tested positive. From 8 October to 14 October, 749 students and 11 staff tested positive. We estimate (due to problems with the data) that the total number of cases are 2091 students, 42 staff testing positive. UCU’s combined figures for students and staff are 2012. Source: Internal communication.

26 October 2020: University of Portsmouth: “There are 126 students and staff who are COVID positive and are currently self-isolating at the University. Of these 126 active cases, 123 cases are students, and 3 are staff.” Source: Internal communication.

University Trackers

27 October 2020: Bishop Grosseteste have 12 students isolating due to testing positive, and 5 students and 2 staff isolating having shown symptoms and awaiting tests or results.

26 October 2020: Essex University have 9 current cases: 6 students and 3 staff.

26 October 2020: King’s College London: Total cases since September 28: 162 students, 17 staff.

27 October 2020: Kingston University launch a dashboard, without older data, and with the average per 100,000 cases (more than five times its own population). 12 cases in the week up to 23 October. Our running total: 34 cases.

Current totals:

118 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
95 in England.
1 in Northern Ireland.
14 in Scotland.
8 in Wales.

As at 7am 27 October 2020, our data puts the number of confirmed cases for students at 29,459, for staff 712, in total 30,171.

As at 7am 27 October 2020, the UCU dashboard reported 30,154 confirmed covid cases at  U.K. universities.

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