24 September 2020: A single confirmed case at the University of Hull. Source: Internal email.

24 September 2020: One University of Hull student has tested positive. Hull Live.

30 September 2020: Hull University now has three cases. Source: Internal circular email.

1 October 2020: Hull University: “A student has condemned the University of Hull for “failing to enforce” restrictions to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. The criticism comes as the university confirmed two more students have tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total to three.” Hull Daily Mail.

7 October 2020: Hull University: “Over the last reporting period (Monday 28 September to Sunday 4 October), we have had 5 isolated cases amongst our Hull based student community, bringing the total since mid-September, when students started their return to campus, to 7.” Source: Internal communication.

7 October 2020: University of Hull: “But the latest set of weekly figures – from Monday, September 28 to Sunday, October 4 – showed that another five cases had been reported, taking the total to seven.” Hull Live.

14 October 2020: University of Hull: “From Monday 5 October to Sunday 11 October, we can confirm we have had 13 unrelated cases amongst our Hull-based student community, which brings our total since mid-September to 20. ” Source: Internal communication.

21 October 2020: University of Hull: “For the weekly reporting period covering Monday 12 October to Sunday 18 October, we had 22 COVID-19 cases amongst our student community.”  This brings the running total to 42. Source: Internal communication.

28 October 2020: University of Hull: “or the weekly reporting period covering Monday 19 October to Sunday 25 October, we had 21 COVID-19 cases. 16 of these cases were amongst our student community with 2 cases relating to students living on campus and 14 involving students living off campus – either within the city or further afield. During the reporting period, there were 5 confirmed cases amongst our staff.” Source: Internal communication. This brings the running total to 58 students and 5 staff.