These pages contain reports of Covid outbreaks and health policies, organized by university.

17 thoughts on “Universities

        1. admin Post author

          Yes, but since removing Sunderland I’ve added two more: University of Highlands & Islands, and Royal College of Music.
          So as of 14.35, 30 September 2020, the current count is 62 universities.

  1. Victor

    Royal College of Music is not a University. It is a very good college. If you count all the college, there will be far more colleges with COVID-19.

    University of Highlands & Islands does count.

  2. Helen

    The UUK list excludes many UK universities that are not their members, for instance, many arts universities that provide courses need more intensive fact-to-face teaching and learning than other courses in humanity or social science. Perhaps you can consider the HESA list, https://www.hesa.ac.uk/news/16-01-2020/sb255-higher-education-student-statistics/numbers. You can use the student numbers to workout the infection rate too. That would be a good COVID-19 league table LOL.

  3. sri

    How Is it with University of Buckingham, no cases there or they are not in your list of universities? They seem to be doing good with precautions but still worried. Would be nice if universities can given an update on cases in their website.


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