University of Nottingham

29 September 2020: University of Nottingham: Sky report confirmed cases, but no further details, because: “Some universities have been told not to release the number of cases by public health officials. A spokesperson for the University of Nottingham told Sky News: “Regional Public Health England is currently asking us not to release institutional data for a couple of reasons – they are keen not to confuse their formal weekly data releases but they are also mindful of undermining the message that in the East Midlands, COVID-19 is affecting all demographics and so all demographics should have responsibility to protect health and follow the rules.”” Sky.

30 September 2020: A university spokesperson also confirmed that a “small number” of students were self-isolating due to Covid-19 symptoms, positive tests, or through Track and Trace. But there are currently no halls of residence that are in complete lockdown. Nottinghamshire Live.

2 October 2020: “A number of students at the University of Nottingham’s Derby Hall, a catered block housing about 330 students, are in isolation because of Covid-19.They claim conditions are so bad some are being collected by their parents and leaving.” BBC.

5 October 2020: University of Nottingham start releasing data. Active confirmed cases week ending 2 October 2020: 425 students, 8 staff. University of Nottingham. BBC. Platform.

12 October 2020: University of Nottingham: “University of Nottingham confirms more than 1,500 students have Covid-19. 20 staff members have also been affected.” Nottingham Post.

12 October 2020: University of Nottingham release figures for active confirmed cases week ending 9 October 2020: 1510 students and 20 staff. Archived.