Northumbria University

25 September 2020: Northumbria University reports “some student cases of Covid-19 in private halls and in our own residences.” Source: internal emails.

25 September 2020: A joint statement from the two universities states “As of Friday 25 September, we can confirm that we aware of 62 Newcastle University and Northumbria University students who have tested positive for Covid-19.” Chronicle Live.

2 October 2020: Northumbria: “As of Friday 2 October, we can confirm that we are aware of 770 Northumbria University students who have tested positive for Covid-19 of whom 78 were symptomatic.” Source: Internal email. Guardian. ITV. University statement.

3 October 2020: Northumbria University have issued a clarification on their figures: “Northumbria University want to clarify the recorded figure of 770 published yesterday is the cumulative number of students who have reported testing positive since they started to return to University for the start of term in mid-September. Those affected live in different student and non-student accommodation and have been advised to self-isolate in line with national guidance to try and limit further spread of the virus. The new self-reported cases on 2nd October were 78, which is the lowest daily figure for 5 days and whilst this is encouraging, we remain vigilant to further cases in our university community.” Northumbria University. Archive.

6 October 2020: Northumbria University: “Union demands Northumbria University boss’ resignation after 770 coronavirus cases.” Chronicle.

8 October 2020: Northumbria University: “I can confirm that the total number of new cases of Covid-19 self-reported in the last seven days by our students studying at our Newcastle camuses is 619.” Source: Internal communication. Note: These are new cases, in addition to the 770 reported last week. Total number of cases: 1389. Chronicle.