Loughborough University

28 September: “As of 2pm today (Monday 28 September) the University can share the following update on student Covid-19 cases: One student has tested positive for Covid-19 and is in isolation – all contacts have been traced and notified.One student is in self-isolation as they are displaying symptoms.Five students are in self-isolation without any symptoms as they have been identified as being in close contact with someone who has tested positive.” University of Loughborough statement.

2 October 2020: “As of 1pm today (Friday 2 October) the University can confirm that three people have tested positive for Covid-19. Contacts have been traced and notified.” Loughborough University.

4 October 2020: Loughborough University: “Around 20 students at Loughborough University are self-isolating after two cases of coronavirus were confirmed. The university has said the two infected students live in separate households on campus.” Leicester Mercury.

5 October 2020: “As of 8 o’clock this morning there were four confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our halls of residence.” Loughborough University.

5 October 2020: Loughborough University start releasing counts of cases every Tuesday and Friday. As of 5 October, they had 26 cases.

13 October 2020: Loughborough University reports 191 live cases, and 24 recovered.

23 October 2020: Loughborough University: “The university has had 391 positive cases reported within the last 10 days. “Of these, 248 students remain in isolation because their symptoms started less than 10 days ago. “Two hundred and two cases were reported earlier than in the last 10 days.” Leicestershire Live.