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UniCovid.UK is now on hiatus.

Unfortunately, we’ve run out of time and energy, given other obligations professional and personal. And to some extent we have succeeded in what we originally wanted to do: have universities be open about the number of Covid-19 cases on their campuses and amongst their staff and students.

Depending on how events unfold, most especially whether the Vice Chancellors attempt to enforce face to face teaching in January, we may return. But until the new year, the site will not be updated.

In the meantime, please check UCU’s Covid Case Dashboard, and report any infomation and internal reports to them.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us for your help and support; without you, this wouldn’t have happened, and there would have been even more dissimulation and bullshit from the VCs.

Mea Culpa

Earlier today, I was contacted with a report of an outbreak at a university.

I replied, saying I would post about it later today.

The correspondent then replied that I should not, that the report was fictional, and that they were checking my level of validation.

I was certainly wrong to reply so affirmatively, given that there were details that could have been checked, and other warning signs that this was not a valid report.

This site is basically a part-time and one-person operation, and (current) enthusiasm aside, I have neither the time, resources nor the necessary skills and contacts to follow up reports.

If you know of an unreported outbreak, or are concerned about working conditions, in your university. contact your union!

I have no complaints about being tested in this way, nor of being caught out. Certainly, I’m thankful that the test was revealed before I blundered into posting, and that it happened so soon in the development of this site.

For the record, of the personal reports I noted yesterday, three have since been validated by journalists, and none have (yet) been refuted. And this site will continue to monitor publicly reported outbreaks of covid at U.K. universities.

I say again, please, if you know of an unreported outbreak, or are concerned about working conditions, in your university. contact your union!

Commentary, 21 September 2020.

Independent Sage have issued a statement ‘Measures to avoid a national lockdown: An emergency ten point plan‘ (pdf); Immediate measure no. 4 reads: “No in-person teaching at Colleges and Universities”

Andrew Chitty has written on How many students are Covid positive?  Headline figure: “about 14,000 students due to return to UK universities (6 in every thousand) are currently Covid-positive.”