Confidential Reports, 23 September 2020.

So far I have received reports, made confidentially, of covid-19 outbreaks at five universities:

Birmingham: at least one positive test.

Exeter: confirmed on Streatham Campus, awaiting results of tests on Penryn campus. This has now been reported via Devon Live and ITV.

Newcastle University: 22 students and 8 staff have tested positive. Confirmed through recording of University meeting.

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh: One student tested positive in the halls of residence. Now confirmed by Edinburgh live.

Queen Mary University, London. Multiple cases.

University of Kent, Canterbury. Two confirmed cases. Now confirmed by Kent Online.

Additionally, I have been informed that the outbreak at Manchester Metropolitan is worse than reported, or declared by the university, and that cleaning practices at Sunderland University are not as described by the Vice Chancellor.

Many thanks to those who have contacted us.

Updated 24 September 2020: We regret we cannot take any more private tips. We do not have the resources to follow them up, and we cannot afford to make mistakes on such a serious matter. See this post ‘Mea Culpa’ for a longer explanation.

if you know of an unreported outbreak, or are concerned about working conditions, in your university, contact your union!

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