Help us track and trace Covid outbreaks at U.K. Universities

To monitor the spread of covid at U.K. universities, as the academic year 2020-21 begins, we need your help.

There are hundreds of universities in the U.K., few of them appear to be clearly reporting the situation on their own campuses, and this is a fast-moving situation. Keeping up with this is a major task, and we have a staff of one, who is also trying to complete his PhD.

So we are asking you to alert us to cases of covid on U.K. university campuses.

We especially want links to university statements giving numbers of cases and local media news reports.

You can contact us through our twitter account @UniCovidUK; DMs are open.

You can leave comments on our blog posts and web pages.

You can email us at admin [at] or securely through unicoviduk [at]

We regret we do not have the resources to follow up on confidential reports. If you know of unreported cases of covid at universities, or are concerned with working conditions, please contact your union.

Thank you for your help and support.

45 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. Myra

    I don’t see anything in terms of news reports, but my partner is a lecturer at the University of Derby and has been contacted by one of his students saying they’ve had a positive test and are now isolating.

  2. SK53

    Nottingham (Uni of Nottingham) various sources (some unconfirmed tweets):

    * article in Guardian describing female student self-isolating
    * tweet suggesting two uni sports clubs experiencing several cases (have also heard this via reliable student source, who mentioned another sports club)
    * Nottingham Evening Post article
    * to my certain knowledge some students have not started as they are/have been infected & are self-isolating

    * Nottingham Trent, very recent report

  3. Anon

    Teeside university have sent email to students advising 30 Sept to 7th Oct, 22 new cases with 7 of these on campus.

  4. anon

    Swansea Uni

    Issued: Friday, 16 October 2020

    The total of cumulative positive Covid cases among students is now 143 and the current number within the 14-day isolation period is 74. Three of the new cases are within University accommodation that were already in self-isolation.

  5. Anonymous at UWTSD

    University of Wales Trinity St David has at least 8, as recorded in the now-daily staff bulletin, but still hasn’t published anything officially.

  6. HP

    Sheffield Hallam covid tracker shows positive cases that have been reported to them for the past two weeks:

    Running overall total (I’ve kept previous week figures) now comes to 24 staff, and 958 students.

    Like the other universities in the Guardian article, staff at SHU were advised not to isolate if they had taught students who had later tested positive if you hadn’t come within 2 meters.

  7. anon

    How come the Wales total is still 7 when someone has noted University of Wales Trinity St David cases (including press reports) on the contributions above?

  8. anon

    Wednesday, 29 October 2020 – Swansea University
    The cumulative total of students who have tested positive for Covid is 295, with 100 current cases. In the 10 days or so prior to this week, the University had seen the number of current cases remain static, with a low level of increase prior to that 10 days. The period leading into the ‘Firebreak’ does appear to have led to an increase in the overall numbers of cases, but very much in line with the changes seen in the local area. The number of flats self-isolating is now 54. We are seeing a rise in the number of positive student cases off-campus, but this is in line with the position in the community generally and Public Health Wales, Test Trace and Protect and the Swansea Bay University Health Board remain content with the University’s handling of the outbreak and do not believe the student population is driving the local increases.

  9. anon

    Swansea University

    Tuesday, 3 November

    As of today we have 378 cumulative cases of students who have tested positive for Covid, with 119 currently in the quarantine period and 351 students now in self-isolation. There have been a total of 34 staff cases, with 8 still in quarantine.


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