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News Reports, 2 October 2020.

2 October 2020: Northumbria: “As of Friday 2 October, we can confirm that we are aware of 770 Northumbria University students who have tested positive for Covid-19 of whom 78 were symptomatic.” Source: Internal email. Guardian. ITV. University statement.

2 October 2020: Newcastle University: “Of our 28,000 students and 6,500 staff, in the last seven days (25 Sept – 1 Oct), we have: 94 students in our university community who have tested positive for Covid-19. 7 colleagues in our university community who have tested positive for Covid-19.” Source: Internal email.

2 October 2020: Nottingham Trent: Nottingham Trent University has reported “a number of confirmed cases of coronavirus”. “The university however did not confirm the exact number of cases.” Nottinghamshire Live.

28 September 2020: University of Worcester: “”Since the beginning of September, less than 5 of the University’s students who have been on campus have tested positive for Covid-19.” Worcester Live.

2 October 2020: Oxford University start publishing data from their own testing service; 15 positives in 257 tests in the last week; 20 in 829 overall. Oxford. Archive.

2 October 2020: “Teesside University is the latest education hub to confirm positive coronavirus cases. There has been one positive case recorded on the Middlesbrough campus and a total of 15 cases across its community, with 12 recorded between September 23 and 30.” Teesside Live.

2 October 2020: “As of 1pm today (Friday 2 October) the University can confirm that three people have tested positive for Covid-19. Contacts have been traced and notified.” Loughborough University.

1 October 2020: Queen’s, Belfast: “Queen’s University charging self-isolating students £210 for food delivery.” “The employee, who asked not to be named, told Belfast Live several halls have been hit with between 45 to 60 new cases identified a day.” Belfast Live.

1 October 2020: Aberdeen: “The number of positive cases at Aberdeen University has risen to 99, according to the incident management team.” Evening Express.

1 October 2020: Edinburgh University: “Ewing students in Pollock Halls all required to self-isolate. This comes following a number of positive cases among the student population.” The Tab.

2 October 2020: Edinburgh University update their latest figures for positive cases: “We have a total of 194 live cases reported to us as of today amongst our students and staff.” Edinburgh.

2 October 2020: University of Birmingham: Birmingham UCU have reported 66 new cases of coronavirus in the past seven days at the university. Among them reportedly are 61 students and five members of teaching staff at the university who have COVID-19. The Tab.

1 October 2020: Huddersfield University: “Huddersfield University students put in quarantine after just one lesson.” Yorkshire Live.

1 October 2020: Hull University: “A student has condemned the University of Hull for “failing to enforce” restrictions to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. The criticism comes as the university confirmed two more students have tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total to three.” Hull Daily Mail.

2 October 2020: Keele University: “Keele University confirms two students have contracted coronavirus.” Stoke Sentinel.

2 October 2020: Keele University start a case tracker. Currently reporting 4 students having tested positive. Keele.

1 October 2020: University of Manchester: “The University of Manchester has revealed that 221 of its staff and students have tested positive for coronavirus – but there are fears the numbers could be much higher in reality. After coming under pressure from campus unions, the University said it would publish daily figures to be as “transparent as possible”. But the figures only include positive results reported to the University through an “agreed process” – which some students have told The Mancunion they didn’t even know existed.” MancUnion. See also Manchester Evening News.

2 October 2020: University of Manchester tracker reports 161 new cases: 156 students, 5 staff. University of Manchester.

1 October 2020: “There are now 116 confirmed cases among students and staff at the University of Sheffield.” Yorkshire Live.

2 October 2020: University of Sheffield figures state that there have been 91 new cases amongst students reported. The running total is now 2 staff and 205 students. University of Sheffield.

2 October 2020: St. Andrews: “Since 1 September, a total of 33 people associated with the University community have had positive tests for Covid, comprising 31 students and two members of staff. As of today, 22 of these cases remain active; 11 people have recovered and completed their periods of isolation. So far, all have reported comparatively mild illness. A total of 121 of our students are currently in isolation, 108 in our halls of residence and 13 in private residences.” In The Loop.

1 October 2020: Stirling: “12 University of Stirling students are believed to have tested positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19). All of the students are currently self-isolating. It is understood all the students who tested positive so far, are members of the university sports teams.” Brig Newspaper.

1 October 2020: Sussex start to publish weekly statistics. As of 30 September, they had 10 students and 1 staff member self-isolating after positive tests. Uni of Sussex. Archived.

1 October 2020: Warwick: “The University of Warwick is only providing case numbers to Public Health England and not to students or staff, leading to difficulty in knowing the number of cases on campus.” This despite there being high numbers of cases in the locality: “The most recent data available at time of writing is that there have been 30 cases reported in the Cannon Park & University area between 20-26 of September.” The Boar.

Current tally:

71 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
51 in England.
1 in Northern Ireland.
13 in Scotland.
6 in Wales.

6 universities are publishing regular statistics on confirmed cases, with 2 more promising to.