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News Reports, 11 October 2020.

Universities newly added.

5 October 2020: Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts: “Molly is studying at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), so she had access to some practical classes before her housemate was diagnosed with Covid-19.” The Impartial Reporter.

9 October 2020: University College Birmingham: “Third Birmingham university struck by coronavirus after 17 students test positive University College Birmingham said 17 students and one member of staff have Covid-19 after testing positive over the last week.” Birmingham Live.

9 October 2020: University of Northampton: “A number of students and staff members at the University of Northampton have tested positive for coronavirus. The university has announced in the last week there have been 10 confirmed cases.” Northants Live.

9 October 2020: University of West London: “Hello, we are at The University of West London. Living at Paragon Student Letts in London. Yesterday my flat tested positive for COVID-19. Most of us also have symptoms. No- we did not go to parties, yes- we did everything we could to prevent this. We isolated as soon as we knew we had come into contact with a positive case 3 days ago.” Post goes on to describe terrible conditions and complete lack of institutional support. Facebook.

Other News Reports.

9 October 2020: Bristol: “Today it was announced that 300 students in The Courtrooms, in Bristol’s city centre, would be placed under a two week self-isolation period effective immediately after 40 positive cases of COVID-19 were confirmed at the accommodation.” Epigram.

10 October 2020: Cardiff University: “Students are taking coronavirus tests at a university hall of residence in Cardiff. It comes after a number of students living at the Talybont South halls, have tested positive for Covid-19 in recent days. Many are voluntarily self-isolating so the regional Cardiff and Vale test, trace and protect service has begun testing on site as a precautionary measure.” Wales Online.

9 October 2020: UEA: “The number of confirmed coronavirus cases at the University of East Anglia has increased to 73, it has been revealed.” Norwich Evening News.

9 October 2020: U”Greenwich University confirmed that there have now been 18 student cases and 2 staff cases of Covid-19 within the community, but has assured that they are all being given support during isolation.” News Shopper.

9 October 2020: Lancaster University: “1,000 Lancaster University students self-isolating as Covid cases soar Since last Thursday (October 1), a total of 105 students and staff have reported Covid-positive cases to the university.” Lancs Live.

8 October 2020: Nottingham Trent decline to release numbers of confirmed cases: “As confirmed COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University (NTU) has been called upon to release their daily confirmed cases of students with coronavirus. “We don’t think it is helpful to provide daily updates regarding numbers of confirmed cases as the situation will change daily and we want to avoid confusion with local public health reporting.”” Platform.

9 October 2020: Salford: “We have had 215 reported student cases over the last 14 days. The cumulative total since we started to collect the data is 276.” Source: internal communication.

6 October 2020: Teesside University: “Teesside University records 30 Covid cases with six positive tests on campus in Middlesbrough.” Teesside Live.

University Dashboards

9 October 2020: Lancaster University report 119 cases over the week 2 October to 8 October.

9 October 2020: UCL start releasing figures: From 28 September to 9 October, they had a total of 69 confirmed cases.

Current tally:

107 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
85 in England.
1 in Northern Ireland.
14 in Scotland.
7 in Wales.

As at 6pm 11 October 2020, our data puts the number of confirmed cases for students at 11091, for staff 158, in total 11249.

As at midday 11 October 2020, the UCU dashboard reported 11,283 confirmed covid cases at 96 U.K. universities.

News Reports, 5 October 2020.

1 October 2020: Goldsmiths University: “We are able to confirm that there are fewer than five cases.” Source: Internal email.

4 October 2020: St Mary’s University, Twickenham: “We are liaising with a small number of team members in Sport St. Mary’s and SMSU who have tested positive for Covid-19.” Source: Internal communication.

5 October 2020: Queen Mary University, London, start releasing data: “We currently have 55 active cases of Covid-19 among students, and 0 among staff.” QMUL. Archived.

5 October 2020: University of East London: “This morning, Public Health England has confirmed two positive cases of Covid-19 within the University community in two separate Halls of Residence buildings.” Source: Internal communication.

4 October 2020: King’s College London: “We can confirm that we have been notified of four individuals within our community who have tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), while attending a King’s College London Student Union (KCLSU) organised event in a KCLSU venue.” KCL.

5 October 2020: Kingston University state “a small number (less than 10) of positive cases of Covid-19 have been reported amongst our staff and students over the past week.” Source: internal communication.

5 October 2020: University of Greenwich: Week commencing 28 Sept: total Covid cases = 18 students and 2 staff. Greenwich UCU on Twitter.

5 October 2020: University of Roehampton. “We can confirm that one of our students tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday evening (2 October 2020).” Source: internal communication.

3 October 2020: Northumbria University have issued a clarification on their figures: “Northumbria University want to clarify the recorded figure of 770 published yesterday is the cumulative number of students who have reported testing positive since they started to return to University for the start of term in mid-September. Those affected live in different student and non-student accommodation and have been advised to self-isolate in line with national guidance to try and limit further spread of the virus. The new self-reported cases on 2nd October were 78, which is the lowest daily figure for 5 days and whilst this is encouraging, we remain vigilant to further cases in our university community.” Northumbria University. Archive.

3 October 2020: Durham Van Mildert College: “one member of our Van Mildert College Freshers’ Representatives team has today tested positive for COVID-19.” Source: Internal email.

5 October 2020: Durham University begin publishing statistics. As of 4 October, they had 76 students and 3 staff test positive.

4 October 2020: Loughborough University: “Around 20 students at Loughborough University are self-isolating after two cases of coronavirus were confirmed. The university has said the two infected students live in separate households on campus.” Leicester Mercury.

5 October 2020: Sheffield Hallam start publishing numbers: as at 4 October they stood at 369 students and 4 staff with confirmed positive tests. Sheffield Hallam.

5 October 2020: “And last night sources at the University of Birmingham confirmed to The Sun almost 300 students and staff had tested positive for the virus.” The Scottish Sun.

4 October 2020: University of Edinburgh: “We have a total of 244 live cases reported to us as of today amongst our students and staff.” University of Edinburgh. Archived.

5 October 2020: Around 70 cases at University of Exeter. The Scottish Sun.

4 October 2020: University of Manchester: “More than 380 students and staff at the University of Manchester have now tested positive for coronavirus.” Manchester Evening News. University of Manchester stats.

5 October 2020: University of Nottingham start releasing data. Active confirmed cases week ending 2 October 2020: 425 students, 8 staff. University of Nottingham.

5 October 2020: University of Sheffield release their latest statistics: 474 cases amongst students, 5 amongst staff.

5 October 2020: University of Warwick announce “26 [people] have tested positive for Covid-19. Warwick. The Boar.

2 October 2020: University of York: “As of 4.30pm, Friday 2 October, we are aware of 28 individuals within our University community who are currently self-isolating because they have had a positive COVID-19 test. Since 11.00am on Thursday, we have been notified of 8 new cases.” University of York. Archived.

Current tally:

84 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
64 in England.
1 in Northern Ireland.
13 in Scotland.
6 in Wales.