News Reports, 25 September 2020.

24 September 2020: One University of Hull student has tested positive. Hull Live.

24 September 2020: “There are currently a small number of positive cases among our student population, all of whom are self-isolating.” University of Edinburgh. Archived page.

24 September 2020: Further reporting on the six cases at Leeds University. “The positive cases are among both students and staff – however they are not connected to each other, the University said in a statement.” Yorkshire Evening Post.

24 September 2020: There has been an outbreak of cases in a “Leeds student suburb.” Yorkshire Evening Post.

25 September 2020: The Leeds Tab reports “At least five flats across two halls of residence at Leeds Uni are now self-isolating, either because residents have contracted coronavirus, or because they are awaiting test results.” The Tab.

24 September 2020: “Edinburgh Napier University: 120 cases of coronavirus identified in an outbreak at the University.” Edinburgh News.

25 September 2020: “First Abertay student to catch Covid-19, leading to Parker House lockdown, speaks out.” 4 positive cases so far; student states “much of what had been claimed about the outbreak was inaccurate..” Dundee Evening Telegraph.

25 September 2020: “The number of coronavirus cases linked to accommodation for Abertay University students has risen to 46 and spread to a second halls of residence.” Dundee Evening Telegraph.

25 September 2020: “St Andrews University Covid-19 cases hit 12 as students prepare for quiet weekend.” The Courier.

23 September 2020: Confirmed: 22 students, 8 staff, tested positive at Newcastle University. Source: recording of meeting.

25 September 2020: Northumbria University reports “some student cases of Covid-19 in private halls and in our own residences.” Source: internal emails.

25 September 2020: Exeter University state “Today, we know from Public Health England that of the 58 cases reported in Devon over the past seven days a little over half are attributable to the University. In Cornwall, there are less than five cases at the university.” Cornwall Live.

In old news: “Covid-19: re-opening universities is high risk” British Medical Journal editorial, 1st September 2020.

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Current tally:

24 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
14 in England.
9 in Scotland.
1 in Wales.

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