News Reports, 22 September 2020.

10 September 2020: University of the West of England: Single student tests positive at Frenchay Campus. Bristol Post.

22 September 2020: “87 coronavirus cases confirmed at University of Liverpool in a week. University says campus measures have helped to detect cases but union says plans for teaching are dangerous.” Liverpool Echo.

22 September 2020: “12 individuals who have been confirmed by Public Health Wales (PHW) to have tested positive for coronavirus, are students at the University.” Swansea University.

22 September 2020: “Glasgow University’s Cairncross House is thought to have had more than 20 students test positive for Covid in the past few days with more self isolating.” Glasgow Evening Times. Uni of Glasgow Twitter statement.

In other news, new restrictions have been announced for the whole of the U.K. However, little was said specifically about universities, other than “We will ensure that schools, colleges and universities stay open – because nothing is more important than the education, health and well-being of our young people.” How this will be ensured is not stated. Similarly, there was no mention of universities in the Scottish First Ministers speech, beyond a determination to keep “young people in education.” In Northern Ireland, the First Minster has said that the new restrictions don’t affect students going home at weekends, but that this may change in the future. BBC.

And also, this site has been written about in Research Professional News by Chris Parr.

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