News Reports, 21 October 2020.

News Reports.

20 October 2020: University of East Anglia: UEA publish more numbers, but not a cumulatve total number of cases. There have been 35 new cases, 16 October to 19 October; we make the total to be 113 student cases, and 1 staff case. Source: Internal communication.

20 October 2020: Hartpury University: “Coronavirus cases at Hartpury University and College have halved in just a week. Hartpury has confirmed that they now have 23 live cases of Covid-19 in students studying at the university and the college. This is down from the 50 cases that were confirmed on Wednesday, October 14.” Gloucestershire Live.

20 October 2020: Royal Agricultural: “There are now 19 live cases at the university, down from 23 on October 15.” Gloucestershire Live.

University Trackers

19 October 2020: University of Sussex release new figures. Although unclear, we think they total 3 staff cases and 507 student cases. (Note: if the total given for 12 October is a cumulative total, in accord with their statement at the time, then the total is 2 staff cases, and 428 student cases.)

20 October 2020: King’s College London: 4 staff and 48 student positive tests reported in last seven days, for a total since 28 September of 13 staff and 83 student cases.

19 October 2020: University of the West of England: 62 positive cases in the last seven days.

Current totals:

115 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
93 in England.
1 in Northern Ireland.
14 in Scotland.
7 in Wales.

As at 7pm 20 October 2020, our data puts the number of confirmed cases for students at 22,158, for staff 378, in total 22,536.

As at 7pm 20 October 2020, the UCU dashboard reportedĀ 23,415 confirmed covid cases atĀ  U.K. universities.

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