News Reports, 12 October 2020.

Universities newly added.

12 October 2020: Harper-Adams University: One case so far, according to their dashboard.

9 October 2020: Royal Agricultural University: “The Royal Agricultural University has confirmed cases. A spokesperson said: “A handful of students at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) have tested positive for Covid-19. “These students and others who they have been in contact with are self-isolating, and being supported by the University.”” Somerset Live.

Other News Reports.

12 October 2020: Cardiff University: “Cardiff University Covid support ‘too little too late.'” BBC.

11 October 2020: Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts: 11 October 2020: UCU report 42 cases at Liverpool I.P.A.

12 October 2020: University of Nottingham: “University of Nottingham confirms more than 1,500 students have Covid-19. 20 staff members have also been affected.” Nottingham Post.

12 October 2020: University of Winchester: “A new case of coronavirus has been confirmed at Winchester University, bringing the total number of cases at the establishment to four.”  Hampshire Chronicle.

University Released Numbers

12 October 2020: University of Bath reports 130 student cases in the last 7 days, 5 to 11 October. Note: as Bath gives numbers for only 7 days, we have started preserving the data on our University of Bath page.

12 October 2020: Bradford University release numbers: 15 cases from 5 to 8 October, 17 the previous week, for a running total of 32.

12 October 2020: Bristol University announce that they have 393 students and 3 staff test positive for Covid.

12 October 2020: Lancaster University have 182 new cases over the week 5 to 11 October, 81 from 9 October to 11 October; like the University of Reading, they erase data older than one week. From the records above, the total is 214.

12 October 2020: University of Nottingham release figures for active confirmed cases week ending 9 October 2020: 1510 students and 20 staff. Archived.

12 October 2020: Oxford University announce 61 positive test in the last week, and a total of 91 positive tests since 20 August.

12 October 2020 (midday): University of Reading delete previous weeks statistics, and state that there have been 9 new cases so far this week commencing 12 October, and in the last 24 hours.

12 October 2020: Solent University: “As of this morning, (12 October 2020) we can confirm that 19 students have tested positive for Covid-19 – 15 currently reside in Southampton.”

12 October 2020: University of Sussex confirm 67 cases in total.

12 October 2020: University of Warwick‘s cumulative data to some time on Monday 12 October: 216 active cases. Archived.

Current tally:

109 Universities have reported coronavirus cases.
87 in England.
1 in Northern Ireland.
14 in Scotland.
7 in Wales.

As at 11pm 12 October 2020, our data puts the number of confirmed cases for students at 12833, for staff 175, in total 13008.

As at midday 12 October 2020, the UCU dashboard reported 12,390 confirmed covid cases at 96 U.K. universities.

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    1. HP

      Sheffield Hallam updated its case tracker. For information, they state they will update on Mondays at 4pm. My quick count on this site makes it 749 students and 15 staff.


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